Wulfgard Kickstarter Video – Art & Animation by Me (Adobe Flash), Music by Ryan Stebbins

Character Art Commission Work, Digital (Photoshop)

Character Portraits for Wulfgard, Digital (Photoshop)

Children’s Book Style Illustrations, Traditional Ink & Markers

Valkyrie & Saber-Scorpion Logo Graphics (Corel Draw)

Book Cover Art & Design: Tales of Wulfgard and Warrior Born (Photoshop)

Illustration: Caiden Punching a Troll, Digital (Photoshop)

Spartan Warriors, Traditional (Pencil, Ink, and Markers)

Selection of Logo Graphics, Digital (Corel Draw)

Wulfgard: Knightfall Cover Art & Design, Digital (Photoshop)

Wulfgard Comic Cover Art, Digital (Photoshop)

Ink Illustrations for Inktober 2017, Digital (Photoshop)

Pages from my Comic Book, Traditional Pencils, Digital Ink & Color (Photoshop)

Book Cover Art Commission, Digital (Photoshop)

Various Sketches, Traditional Pencil with Digital Color

Various Pencil Sketches

Custom LEGO Creations: Buildings

Custom LEGO Creations: Vehicles